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We are a modern service company, and our activities focus on the rehabilitation of people with special needs, the prevention of physical damage and providing alleviation with the obstacles our customers face in their daily life. We are your competent and reliable partner. As a full-range supplier for the industry and with the targeted networking of our specialist areas, we are able to offer and secure almost all care services from a single source.

We are happy to advise you and supply you in the following areas. By clicking on a supply area, you will learn more about our competencies and services.

Rehab & Nursing Aids

Our rehabilitation + nursing aids area covers the entire range of modern rehabilitation and nursing aids. This also includes mobility and daily aids as well as the living environment and home care.

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Medical Technology

We can no longer imagine life without medical technology at home. We are happy to advise you on selecting the right aid.

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OT 4.0

We perform our measurements digitally and, thanks to innovative 3D scan technology, in part also without contact. State-of-the-art computer technology supports us with the customized modeling and production of tools.

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Orthoses serve to support and fixate incapacitated parts of the body or counteract deformations. Following sports injuries, in the event of scoliosis or after a bone fracture - orthoses support the healing process.

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We manufacture the right prosthesis for each patient with much experience, empathy and time, so that you can actively participate in life again.

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Pediatric Orthopedics

A special field of orthopedics deals with children and adolescents suffering from congenital and acquired deformities and diseases in their musculoskeletal system. We manufacture customized aids for individual fittings.

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Neurological Diseases

We are happy to advise you on treatment options in the field of central neurological problems such as a stroke, craniocerebral trauma, incomplete paraplegia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease.

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Foot Orthopaedics

Our technicians take care of your foot health, e.g. with special diabetic shoes, and right up to the production of individually-milled and accurately-fitting precision insoles such as the Lettronic® and Eo® in-house brands.

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Analysis Center

Movement analyses, 4D back scan, foot pressure measurement and individual precision insoles: Lettermann's analysis centers

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Breast Center

With competent professional advice, time and sensitivity, we would like to contribute to your new vitality and offer you individual care options.

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Compression Center

As a lymph and vein compression center, we take the time to provide you with individual and competent advice related to vein problems. We cooperate closely with doctors, therapists, health insurance companies and self-help groups to improve the quality of life of those affected.

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Bandages are a suitable orthopedic aid as a prophylaxis, or to get you back on your feet again quickly after difficulties.

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LettsFit Physiotherapy

One area of Lettermann's medical supply store is LettsFit physiotherapy for people with disabilities. With LettsFit and the cross-divisional care provided by the medical supply store's orthopedic technology, we pursue the goal of assisting our patients in returning to everyday life with an aid, with the correct use and with targeted training. For this reason, experienced orthopedic technicians cooperate closely with our trained therapists.

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Information on our Medical Stores

At a total of nine locations in the Lower Rhine region, competent contacts for your health are available in our branches in Brüggen, Nettetal, Mönchengladbach, Kempen, Süchteln, Krefeld and at the headquarters in Viersen.

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